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aldous heaf   

youth advisor, The Listening Planet


Aldous was born with a love with the natural world. Even as a toddler in London, he would spend hours in the back garden following the ants, acquainting himself with the birds and collecting whatever he could in a jar to take a closer look before gently returning them to his small pocket of wild. He learned their names first, but that passion expanded to everything he could read and touch. While visiting his uncle (Martyn) in Costa Rica, in March of 2018, they spent many hours going for walks together in the jungle, talking about and exploring the natural world around them. It was easy to see, from the enthusiasm he displayed, that his passion for wildlife was unquestionable. Now living in Portland, Oregon, Aldous’ life is spent in the mountains and on the water. He is a true spirit of the earth and a wonderful ambassador for The Listening Planet.

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