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experiential design
sounds, stories & spaces

Ocean Waves

Creating spaces and opportunities for more people to connect and deepen their relationship with the natural world. 

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that can't
be heard 



To actively support our health and wellbeing whilst also inspiring greater appreciation of the natural world…

Nature’s Sound is the voice of a  Living, Breathing, Acoustic Planet

To hear the simple flow of water babbling down a stream and the song of the skylark as it takes flight.  To  witness the oceans dawn chorus and the song of a humpback whale as it begins its  dance or the hiss of cicadas drifting on waves of heat-humid air.  


To feel the world come alive, to relearn a language critical to our understanding of the world around us... it’s beauty and fragility.

and a Powerful Source for Mental Wellbeing

Many  studies have shown that being in nature is good for our health and well-being - improving major mental health measures like depression,  subjective happiness, self-esteem, and loneliness*.

New reports, however, have shown that JUST LISTENING TO NATURE SOUNDS decreases stress, anxiety and pain, improves mood and enabled participants to perform better on cognitive tests. 

Dawn to Dusk - Oregon - 6 minutes


We're working with partners, designers and architects to create the right sonic and storytelling experience for the space.  From installations to listening booths.  

Image by Kalen Emsley

100% of profits go back to nature

Forest Scene

OUTDOOR festivals

We're creating fully immersive, experiential opportunities to bring nature's voice back into the wild.

"THE LISTENING PLANET is both a celebration Stewart’s contributions to the field of audio naturalism and his final effort to call attention to vulnerable places and animals"

The Smithsonian

"Stewart is collecting 55 years of recordings from extensive fieldwork around the world into a series of albums and an online hub. There, listeners can immerse themselves in a meticulously captured series of natural soundscapes from around the world – some of which no longer exist."


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