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A Documentary about a remarkable Man who recorded the world one sound at a time.

"The David Attenborough of Nature Sounds" 

BBC + National Geographic

In Development

Release date: Tbc

Teaser: 07:55

Health - Martyn's Story: 05:42


Martyn camera.png

Martyn Stewart, 2022

SEEING THROUGH SOUND - “It’s often in the details of how all of us – humans and animals alike – lead our lives on the planet that some kind of connection is established.  Sound is set to change all that. Sound travels faster, further and more effectively in the ocean, a realm made for acoustic communication and one that is alive with new possibilities for how we perceive the animals that call it home. For whales, finding a voice and broadcasting that to the world is ultimately what will guide how we better share the ocean with them and navigate a shared future on this planet”.

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