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Landscape with Animals

Our Work + Collaborations

The Listening Planet Foundation is a charity dedicated to promoting a wider appreciation of Planet Earth's beauty, diversity and fragility - through the mediums of sound, video, photography, education and inspirational stories. 


We are partnering with some of the best creators, organizations and partners in the world to explore new ways to reignite the ART OF LISTENING. We aim to bring natures voice to the world in ways that have never been felt or experienced before…. To inspire and ignite a love for the natural world that awakens a desire to safeguard its future.

Image by Victoria Palacios

BBC EARTH presents 


Featuring The Listening Planet

Launched August 2022

BBC EARTH and The Listening Planet have partnered to create an immersive visual and sonic experience of The Californian Giant Redwoods, The Boreal Forest and Costa Rica.

Rosie Chan x

The Listening Planet

Partners since 2021

Rosey is a multimedia artist based in London. Her creative output combines a wide range of practices, from music and design to dance, fashion and architecture.  Rosey’s solo concerts incorporate cinematic visuals and cutting edge audio technologies. Her music is an amalgamation of her own compositions, musical improvisations and selected classical repertoire along with electronic and genre-bending sonic influences. Whilst listening to Rosey play the piano one is immediately taken to a state of peace. Rosey has a desire to bring peace of mind to this hectic world through her music With a travelling schedule that has covered the globe, it was inevitable that Rosey felt a need to give back to the planet through her music and her projects. Rosey partnered with Martyn and The Listening Planet to to compose music, experiences and installations that reflects the sounds of the past with hope for the future of our planet "My life is a mix of places and people all adding immense value to my life and in some small way I hope those that work with me are better for the experience too” “I’ve spent a lot of time listening to the planet, to the sounds from the past and the present, the animals, the oceans, the birds, the mountains and the plants and I feel compelled to play what I feel in my soul to help heal the planet”

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TLP Workshops

In Development - more information coming soon.

We aim to help educate and train the next generation of sound recordists, conservationists, stewards, artists and passionate advocates of the natural world in order to advance our individual and collective understanding of the role listening and natural sound plays as a critical barometer for the health of our planet.  

"The David Attenborough of Sound"
BBC, National Geographic

Nature of Surf Women x The Listening Planet

Ivana Bajic + Gabriela Téllez
Launched 2022. Book and Tour in October 2022

Nature of Surf Women is a photography and audiovisual project featuring an ocean-minded community of women surfers who represent a new type of heroine in the surf world. The women featured in this project stand out for their connection to the ocean environment and for their holistic, grounded, and vibrant approach to life. In many different ways, they have all experienced transformation and found release in surfing. Ivana and Gabriela found a powerful synergy in their collaboration—two women, a surfer and a photographer, with a shared vision: to capture nature and water from the female perspective, to tell the story of women surfers outside mainstream media portrayal, and to celebrate women exactly as they are..

is anyone listening logo.png

A film about a remarkable man, recording the world one sound at a time... 

"The David Attenborough of Sound"

Is Anyone Listening?

Documentary - In Development

An eleven year old boy living in a council house in Birmingham UK, needs to escape from the traumatic family environment he has to exist in. He finds solace in a small patch of wild countryside near to the housing estate. He discovers the solace and the healing power of nature. He begins to identify the sounds of nature and on an impulse borrows his older brother’s portable tape recorder and a microphone and makes his first recording, Thus begins a lifelong journey for Martyn Stewart who, in time becomes one of the most respected and iconic of all naturalist audio recordists and archivists. A journey which takes him to some of the most inhospitable of locations, both geographically and also politically. An early encounter with a traditional British Foxhunt immediately converts Martyn into an activist and he begins to regularly cross the line between ‘observer’ and ‘participant’. Along the way he also becomes a technical innovator, inventing new ways to capture remarkable soundscapes of wildlife. In 2021 Martyn discovers that he has Cancer. “I recall hearing one of Martyn’s recordings for the first time, being amazed by the beauty of the recording both in terms of its subject but also its technical beauty. I was intrigued to meet him and discover more about his life and process. After one zoom call I found myself on a flight to Florida and the next day jumped into a five day film shoot during which Martyn and I covered a vast range of topics but always circling around his obsession, namely the power of nature and the need to preserve it and all the endangered species that need to co-exist within it. We both agreed that actually humankind is the most dangerous species on earth. We also openly discussed his cancer, his life expectancy and what could be achieved by making a film and his desire to share his amazing archive with the world”. Martyn’s story is an amazing adventure, his stories read like an episode of Raiders of the Lost Arc, whether it is being attacked by a lion, a crocodile or an angry villager holding a knife to Martyn’s throat, arrested in Japan for filming the annual Dolphin slaughter....and then long periods of isolation in a remote corner of the world waiting for just 30 seconds of an exotic birdsong.

"The David Attenborough of Sound"
BBC, National Geographic

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