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x The Listening Planet

THE DIARY OF A NATURE SOUND RECORDIST This series aims to take listeners on an epic and intimate journey through the natural world, all through the medium of sound and at the same time we want to enable a rare glimpse into the life of a man who recorded everything you’re about to hear, one sound at a time. Martyn Stewart has spent his lifetime on a mission: to record the natural sounds of our planet. It’s a story that will take us from a council estate in Birmingham England and ultimately take him to every corner of the planet. From Belize to the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, from Denali to the Galapagos, to some of the most inhospitable locations geographically and politically. He will be attacked by lions and crocodiles, arrested in Japan for filming the annual dolphin slaughter and then find himself in long periods of isolation, in remote corners of the world waiting for 30 seconds of a that perfect sound. This is ultimately a love story – dedicated to our natural world and to the people who spend their lives aiming to give it a voice.

Launching Earth Day 2024


x The Bittersweet Life

What does it take to capture the sounds of the world's rich and diverse wildlife? On this extraordinary interview, we are joined by sound and nature recordist Martyn Stewart. Stewart has one of the largest collections of natural sounds in the world, having recorded more than 90,000 different sounds in more than 55 different countries for a total of over 60,000 hours of natural sounds. Stunningly, Martyn reveals that two thirds of what he has recorded is now extinct. He talks about what inspired him as a young child to be a nature recordist, and explains you how to open your ears to discover the sounds of the creatures around you. He also talks about what we can do, as ordinary citizens of earth, to lessen the constant encroachment of humans on the natural habitats of the world. This unforgettable conversation might just make you think differently about the world, and who you are in it. All through the episode, Katy uses her brilliant sound-editing skills to weave a backdrop of Martyn's nature sounds to accompany their fascinating conversation.

Launched 2022

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The Listening Planet

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